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Prompt: Compiler Error, Missing subroutine

When the model is simulated the following error is received.

Compiler Error, Missing subroutine parameter. Subroutine 'Time_' has 2 parameters.

Compiler Error,
Missing subroutine parameter.
Subroutine ‘Time_’ has 2 parameters.


Your action logic is missing a space between the parameters in a statement. For example, if you are using a TIME statement (as shown in the graphic above) you have typed Time(15Sec) rather than Time(15 Sec).


In the graphic above, note the highlighted line in the Context section (For All Entities at Process: Operation: Line 1). This indicates that the error can be found in the 1st line of action logic in the activity named Process. Edit that action logic to make sure there is a space between statement parameters.

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