What is a Resource?

See Basics 9 – Representing People and Equipment — Resources video tutorial.

Resources are the agents used to perform activities and move entities such as service personnel, operators or equipment. More than one unit of a particular resource may be defined if they are used interchangeably and have the same operating characteristics. Resources may be shared between several activities. If no resource is assigned to an activity, it is assumed that no resource is required.

Resource in ProcessModel simulation software


Properties dialog resource general ProcessModel software

Name The name of the resource (e.g. Worker).

Quantity The number of units of this resource type (1 – 9999). Scenario parameters may also be used. The quantity value is read only once at the beginning of the simulation so using values which change during a simulation (such as variables) cannot be used.

If scenario parameters are used in a resource quantity field, no indicator lights will be displayed during simulation. The only way to have indicator lights show during simulation is to use a numeric value in the resource’s quantity field. The maximum number of indicator lights during simulation for any resource is 12.

Object Type Allows the type of object to be changed from Resource to something else.

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