What Information is Needed for Simulation

Almost all models require the same basic information. The information below is an outline to help you know what to collect for model building. In addition, some models may require customized questions. We are happy to help you if you have questions.

The following information is needed:

  1. What are the questions you must answer?
  2. What would be a project “Home Run”
  3. Flow for each “type” of product:
    1. A flowchart is needed for each type of product separately (one flow for each type).
    2. The flow should include all the places to which a product travels.
    3. If there are options, then the percent of each option.
      1. What causes different flows at each station
  4. Resources:
    1. Identify the “type of resource” needed for each product type at each step.
    2. Record the quantity of each type of resource and hours of operation.
    3. How much of each resource is available for this process?
  5. Capture processing times at each step by “type of Product” (Only work time. Do not include the waiting time). Raw data would be best (start time and finish time would be best) but we can work with estimations as a model starting point.
    1. What causes different times at each station
    2. Unscheduled downline at each work area (Equipment)
  6. Capture product scheduled start time and “Type of product” for the past year. If you have codes that describe the product characteristics, please document.
  7. To verify modeling. Do you have current database of time in and out of processing? What information is available?
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