What is a Percentage Route?

The Percentage routing causes a specified percentage of the output entities to be routed to the connected activity or storage. Multiple percentage routes can be defined from an activity. If capacity is unavailable at the connected activity or storage, the entity waits until capacity becomes available before moving.


• Single routes from one activity to another default to Percentage. That is to say that 100% of the time they will move from the current process to the next.

• Simple decisions that cause an entity to follow a yes or no path based on a percentage.

• Decisions involving more than two outcomes that are selected by percentage. The result of the decision is the route that is selected.

• Tagging entities with specific information a percentage of the time. For example 10% of the parts could be marked as high priority by setting an attribute in the action tab of the entities that traversed the 10% percentage route. See “Attributes” and also See “Action Logic”.

Percentage routing in process improvement
Percentage routing in process improvement

Move Time Time to move to the next activity or storage. Any expression is valid.

Percent The percentage of output entities using this routing. The total percentage for multiple percentage routings must total 100% (If you have only two percentage routings from one activity or storage, ProcessModel automatically balances the percentage fields to equal 100%). Decimal fraction values (e.g. 25.5) may be entered. Only constant values are valid here.

New Name Optionally assign a new name to the entity. Statistics for the output report will be reported under this new name. This also assigns a new graphic to the entity if that graphic is defined as an entity on the layout.

An entity can be renamed using either the New Name drop down list in a routing Properties Dialog Box, or the NEWNAME statement in action logic. When renaming, all attributes from the original entity are inherited except the system created attributes ID and Name. The system created attributes which are inherited are Cost, CycleStart, and VATime.

  • To develop a percentage route that changes for each entity type, use conditional routes and set the condition in the action tab of the activity. See “Conditional” and see “Action Logic”.

Routing Types

The following routing types are available:

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