How do I Renege an Entity?

Renaming Entities

A customer waiting for service decides to leave rather than continue waiting.

Suggested Technique

  1. Route the customer to the desired activity.
  2. Make sure this activity has sufficient Input queue capacity to hold waiting customers.
  3. Create a Renege routing from that activity to another storage or activity, or leave it unconnected so the customer will leave the system entirely.
  4. Set the Renege after time for the amount of time the customer will wait before leaving. (This is usually a distribution to indicate variability of a customer’s patience.)

Example: Callers on hold at the order desk will hang up if they have to wait too long. Some may wait as many as 8 minutes, other as few as 2 minutes, but most will wait around 3½ minutes. We want to rename the calls that hang up (renege) in order to keep separate statistics on those calls.

TO DO: Create the renege routing and enter the triangular distribution, T(2, 3.5, 8), and the new name in the appropriate fields as shown above.

 To learn more about the Renege routing, see Renege.

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