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Daily Pattern Arrivals

When Will You Need This? Automatically analyses raw arrival data, creates distributions and imports the restructured data into ProcessModel.  You provide historical data for months of arrivals. This model object: 1. Analyses the data. 2. Shows a graphical summary of raw data. 3. Finds the arrival quantities for each day of the week. 4. Removes [...]

Res Action logic in Input Queue

When Will You Need This? To provide the Activity and Storage with settings compatible with model objects that will automatically change action logic in the Storage or in both the Storage and corresponding Activity. The model object is an extension for Skills Matrix Optimizer, VAO Shift Planner and Resource Groups model objects. Model [...]

Skills Matrix Optimizer

The Skills Matrix Optimizer assigns skills to workers, shows what skills are delinquent when during the day they are unable to respond and identifies other resources that could fill the gap if trained. The Skills Matrix identifies the problem areas and recommends what skills training provides the most significant benefit. The Skills Matrix Optimizer [...]

VAO Staffing Planner

The Right People, in the Right Place, at the Right Time Customer-facing organizations encounter enormous pressure to keep or grow margins while maintaining service levels.  Staffing is often a black box handled by one person that dislikes the assignment. Staff planning is difficult on so many levels. There is an easier way. ProcessModel’s new feature [...]

Resource Groups

When Will You Need This? Resource Groups allow the assignment of many resources (with unique shifts, costs, and availability) using a single word. A simple matrix sets ups and changes the group. Assignment is evenly loaded so resource utilization is balanced in the group. Model Object The following model object can be found in the [...]

VAO Shift Planner

When Will You Need This? ProcessModel’s new VAO Schedule Planner is designed to find the optimal staff plan. In addition to helping build a complex system faster, this model object has advanced methods to uncover savings from better staffing. The planner is built to plan and assign many resources on multiple shifts to the same [...]

Hold an Entity Until All Created Entities Are Offloaded

When Will You Need This? When you're in a situation where you have entities (Ex: Aircraft or a truck), that you want to stay at a process (Loading/Off-loading dock) until the entities created (Ex: Pallets/Goods) are offloaded from it. Model Object The following model object can be found in the model objects directory: Flow Control [...]