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Reduce Modeling Time by 80%

Build and Test Models within Hours A United States windows manufacturer was able to build a “mixed model” manufacturing simulation in less than 4 hours. The model has many products processing on the same line, each with unique timing, resources, and assembly requirements.  In this article, you will see how to simplify your modeling, be 100% confident [...]

Build and Test Models Faster

Build and Test Models in a Fraction of the Time In an Oregon Hospital, a modeler has learned a technique to build accurate models in 2 days. Not models of one interaction, but models of an entire department, such as Surgery, Maternity or the overall flow of a hospital. In this article, you will learn [...]

It’s a Pandemic – Were All Going to Die!

Application Story There have been devastating pandemics in history. In 1350, The Black Death killed over 75 million people. The 1918 Flue pandemic killed 50 million. More recently Influenza claimed more than a million lives. In this article, you will see how ProcessModel optimization increases survivability by 25% during a severe pandemic. See how your chances [...]

You Are the BottleNeck

One customer asked, “Could a resource to be underutilized and still be a bottleneck?” The person standing next to him incorrectly responded: “I don’t think that’s possible.” Yes, it is possible for an underutilized resource to be the delay. And it's also possible to find out when its happening and if there is a repeating [...]

New Manufacturing Assembly Model Objects

Two new manufacturing assembly model objects are released. These model objects are combined to handle intermittent assembly systems. Intermittent Assembly Systems can produce many different products on the same line. Each product may require different quantities or types of subassemblies. Assembly times change. Even resource assignments may change. Simplify Creation of Intermittent Assembly Models Intermittent [...]