How do I Create Activity Assembly

Assembly Activities

Attach or join one or more entities (e.g. component parts) to a base entity.

Note that in many instances you may not need to model the actual entities being joined but only the time to join them. If it is known, for example, that the components assembled to a base entity are always available when needed, it is sufficient to specify an assembly time for the base part at each assembly station as it moves through the process.

Suggested Technique

If it is necessary to model the component entities feeding into the assembly activity, do the following:

1. Route the main or base entity into the assembly activity using any routing other than an Attach.

2. Connect each storage or activity holding the entities to be attached to the assembly activity using the Attach routing (each type of component to be assembled must come from a separate storage or activity).

 Example: Four Wheels and a Handle are assembled to a Wagon at the Assembly station

TO DO: Route the Wagon by any routing other than an Attach or Pickup. Route the Wheel (quantity of 4) and the Handle using an Attach routing for each as shown above. The time to perform the assembly activity may be defined in the activity’s Time field.

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