Worldwide, 87% of process improvement projects fail to deliver financial savings. Why are so many of these projects failing?

Discover how to prove which projects will deliver hard financial savings before investing.

Create a digital twin of your process, allowing you to see a bird’s eye view of how things work. Make changes to the digital twin in seconds, then run the model in time-lapse mode to test the value of the change. The optimizer allows this procedure to happen automatically, finding the best solutions hidden from other types of analysis.

Transform Your Process Improvement Capability

Make sure you understand the real problem

There is no better way to uncover a complex system’s issues than by creating a digital twin, a model of how the system works. Building the model requires you to ask questions you have never considered. Now you can see when things happen. Suddenly a new dimension opens, showing interdependency and timing. Your understanding of the process grows exponentially. You will see what’s invisible to everyone else.

Nasa Astronaut

I wish I had this product the day I took over my department. Creating a model requires you to uncover what is really happening