Make Decisions with Confidence

Process Improvement Consulting from ProcessModel has a unique advantage with simulation software. First, we dig deep into the process to create a working model of the system in the computer. Then, we analyze process behavior and find process capabilities and limitations with this digital twin. Finally, we prove all changes using the digital twin to assure compatibility with the remainder of the process, staffing, and other recommended changes. As a result, waste becomes easy to spot and solutions easier to verify. Choose ProcessModel Consulting for efficient and effective solutions to your business needs.

  • More than 15 Times ROI

  • Guaranteed Improvement!

  • Realistic Conditions Testing

  • Eliminate Waste

  • Increase Productivity

  • Decrease Cycle Times

our approach to consulting

Five Weeks to Process Excellence

ProcessModel provides a comprehensive five week offering to enhance a major process through proactive improvement.

  • Business Process Improvement (BPI) Methodology – Designed to boost operational efficiency, drive growth, and increase profits.

  • Testing Before Implementation – Customers can witness process changes firsthand before committing resources, ensuring confidence in decision-making.

  • Comprehensive Guidance – Utilizes various methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM), and more to streamline operations and expedite progress.

  • Operational Excellence Experts – Backed by a team of experts to drive immediate improvements aligned with business objectives.

  • Project Planning – A structured approach including problem statement, project goals, scope, plan, risk assessment, team formation, and stakeholder engagement.

  • Modeling and Optimization – Building working models of systems to identify problems, improve processes, and uncover hidden benefits with optimization techniques.

  • Implementation and Control Plan – Developing frameworks to sustain improvements achieved and ensure stability in processes.

  • Review and Control – Incorporating dynamic models to evaluate system behavior against proposed changes and make necessary adjustments.