How do I Sort Entities?

An activity that examines the name or some other attribute of an entity to determine how to route the entity for further processing. For example, you want to separate all entities by size (small, medium, and large) into separate storage bins.

Suggested Technique

1. Define an attribute to be used for sorting purposes.

2. Set the attribute to the desired value in any action logic prior to the sorting activity.

3. At the activity where the sorting takes place create Conditional route connections to each activity or storage where the sorted items go.

4. In the condition field of the routing properties dialog, enter the conditional expression for taking that path (e.g. Type = small). (Be sure that all possibilities are covered or an error occurs.)

Example: The Work_File has been assigned a Size attribute earlier in the model. Now we want to sort the work files into three different working folders (storages) to be processed later by different activities in the model.

TO DO: Connect the sorting activity to the storages with Conditional routings as shown. In the Condition field of each routing (as shown) enter Size = descriptor, where descriptor is either small, medium, or large, assigned previously to the descriptive attribute Size.

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