Lean Training for Process Improvement

Slash Costs & Improve Profits

Learn the process improvement techniques that will set you apart from others. Finish faster, with greater confidence that your model represents the real system. Learn how the inner workings of ProcessModel interact so that you can tap the vast resource of functionality to handle any type of process simulation problem. The see, do, test repeat method of instruction provides you with experience to handle the most challenging problems.

Learn key skills and knowledge needed to enable you to quickly secure a substantial ROI for your business by exploiting the full potential of ProcessModel’s powerful process improvement tools.

  • Increased Competitiveness

  • Better Data Analysis

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Better Process Flow

  • Reduced Waste

  • Improved Problem-solving

Days of Training

Day 1

  • Project Identification

  • Process Flow

  • Model building

  • Resource Utilization

  • Simulation Modeling Tips

Day 2

  • Entity & Resource Cost

  • Setting Simulation Parameters

  • Overview of Output Report

  • Using Variables & Attributes

  • Key Performance Indicators

Day 3

  • Stat::Fit

  • Scenarios & Parameters

  • SimRunner

  • Shift Changes Impact

  • Tracking Variables & Attributes

Day 4

  • Exporting Model Data

  • Converting Raw Data

  • Importing Arrival Data

  • Using Model Objects

  • Detailed Output Report Review

Day 5

  • Validation Tests

  • Mini Logic Tests

  • Simulation Event Control

  • Nested IF-Then & While-do

  • Model Debug & Tracing

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    What You Will Learn

    The five-day training will be give by an experienced trainer and internationally recognized business consultant. It will start with model building based on familiar business processes, with guidance on suitable project identification through to implementation of results. Then learn how to discover, interpret, and exploit the statistical output reports and graphs to identify and extract key performance indicator data to provide persuasive written reports and management presentations. Learn how to use time series data with charts, to help you improve key performance indicators and develop rapid analysis through the correct choice of “selected statistics.” Customize on-screen animation to help communicate the data and sell your business improvement plans.

    Learn how to use process improvement tools like; Simrunner to intelligently optimize models towards an improvement goal. Stat::Fit to analyze raw data using and export results, discover how to create and run Scenarios, assess the impact of shift changes with the Shift Manager, use Action Logic to capture complex business behavior, learn how to use Variables and Attributes to track your key performance indicators. Link sub-models to ensure processes can be organization wide

    At the end, learn advanced skills like, when and how to design validation tests, run mini tests on logic, routings and resources to prove compliance, controlling the simulation event list, how to write nested IF-Then and While-do loops. strategies for designing data collection for your model, create “Risk” charts showing average levels and stockouts/missed compliance in the same view, resource control, accessing data about queues, along with strategies for quickly identifying the location of a difficult problem, tracing a model to debug, tracing a specific variable or attribute.

    Key Benefits

    • Convenient: Training without travel and downtime.

    • Relevant: Deep knowledge of many industries from years of consulting & training

    • Affordable: Corporations can save between 50-70%

    • Fun: Interactive content to learn simulation effectively.

    • Live: Be interactive and ask questions.

    • Live Monitoring: Receive immediate feedback to assure the best return on your investment.