What are Smart Stats?

Smart Stats replace the output report in ProcessModel. The following video provides an overview of the capabilities of Smart Stats.

Standard Reports

Seven standard reports automatically expose information to identify system problems. The reports include:

  • Entities
  • Activities
  • Single-capacity activity states
  • Multi-capacity activity states
  • Resource
  • Resource states
  • Variables
The standard report tabs expose opportunities in seven different areas.

Change the look and feel

Customize the look of all reports using the Theme icon from the ribbon. Fonts, colors, and accents all change to popular and tested themes.

Change the look and feel of every object in the Smart Stats program.
Modify Smart Stats program colors using the style menu on the far right.

Remove reports

Use the Tabs Icon to hide any irrelevant report categories. For example, if your model doesn’t include resources, then showing resource reports would be confusing, so hide these.

Remove irrelevant reports using the Tabs icon.
The above image shows the remaining tabs after removing some standard reports.

Rearrange the tabs by dragging a tab into a new position. Show the information in the order necessary for your presentation.

Remove columns from a report

Use the Column Icon to hide any statistics column not crucial to your goal. For example, if you decided not to include the cost or BVA in the model build, showing these columns provides no useful information.

For this model, the highlighted columns don’t add value.
The columns filter allows irrelevant information to be hidden from the report.
Report with relevant columns remaining.

Sort information by the clicking on the header

Names appear on the output report in the order of how you placed them on the layout. Alphabetize the names by clicking on the header. All columns sort using this same method. This technique quickly identifies critical information in many reports.