How do I Batch Arrivals?

Batch Arrivals

Arrivals in which two or more entities arrive together (i.e. the arrival quantity is greater than one) and are then batched together.

Suggested Technique

1. Create a Periodic or Scheduled arrival with a temporary entity for the arrival. Set the quantity per arrival to one.

2. In the action logic of the arrival, set an attribute equal to a distribution of the quantity to be batched.

3. From the first activity define a Create route with the newly created attribute in the quantity field.

4. In the second activity set the Batch Quantity to the same newly created attribute.

Example: A theme park groups or batches its customers in the Lobby for tours and other activities. Every hour the park begins a new tour and groups the customers that have arrived up to that time. (No more than about 75 show up at one time for a tour.

TO DO: Create an arrival to a storage. In the action logic of the storage set a attribute to the distribution that represents the quantity desired. Make a Create route from the storage with the attribute used for the quantity. In the Batching Area activity set the batch size to the same attribute. Set the input queue to at least 75.

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