What is Resource Shift?

Properties dialog resource shift ProcessModel software

Shift file The name of the shift file which defines the times during which this resource is scheduled to be available. If different units of the same resource have a different schedule, they should be defined as separate resource types (e.g. Shift1_operators, Shift2_operators).

  • A default shift file for all resources may be defined in the Options dialog under the Simulation menu.

Browse Allows you to search through one or more directories to locate a shift file.

Interrupt current activity to go off shift or on break Check this option if the current use of the resource is to be interrupted in order to go off shift or on break. If not checked, the priority is 99 which is the highest non-interruptive priority.

 If an entity is being worked on when it’s resource goes off-shift, the entity will wait at the activity until that same resource comes back on shift. The only way to get the entity to be passed to the next shift coming on-line is to use action logic. There is a model object in the ProcessModel software that demonstrates how to make that occur. It is under the category Shifts \ Release Entity To Next Shift.

Create shift file Opens the shift editor for defining a shift and saving it as an.SFT file. See Shift Definition.

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