User's guide chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Output Report

6.1 – General Information

There are two types of output reports. One is an output report which gives an overview of decision-making and management information. The other is output detail which provides output in the form of tables, graphs, charts and exports. After you run the simulation, both types of output reports are available from the View menu.

View menu of ProcessModel simulation software

6.2 – Analyzing Output Report

ProcessModel simplifies the process of generating and analyzing the output data as well as increases performance on the generation and analysis side. Data is gathered from all scenarios and replications in a structured format, ready for easy analysis. The Output Report provides information regarding activities, resources, entities, variables, total process cost, burdened cost per entity, resource costs, manufacture or service time, the amount of process time that provides value to the customer and custom statistics of your choice. This information is provided in tabular form with the ability to pull information from many model experiments to compare results.

See Output Summary results of a ProcessModel simulation

1. When the simulation is complete (or you have ended it manually), choose No when you see the following dialog.
Simulation complete prompt

Important information to be aware of If you end the simulation from the Simulation menu while the simulation is still running, ProcessModel will prompt you for verification before displaying the above dialog.

2. You will now be in the model build area. From the toolbar click the output report button Output Report Icon or goto the view menu and select Output Report. The following dialog box will appear.

Output Report of ProcessModel

6.2.1 – Scenarios & Replications

After running multiple replications (a sample from a different time of the same model) or multiple scenarios (an experiment with different input parameters), the Output Report will allow the selection of statistics from each category as shown below.

Output Report with scenarios and replications

Click on the names in the tree diagram on the left to display summary information on a single run, multiple scenarios and / or multiple replications.

Important information to be aware of The information is only displayed when the simulation is done with scenarios and / or replications.

Clicking on the tree diagram will show or hide information based on your level of selection. When selecting a scenario containing replications, you will see average values of all replications for that scenario. When selecting a replication, you will see only data for that replication. For information on setting up multiple replications, see Chapter 5, Section 5.1.1, Run Tab.

6.2.2 – General Report

The general report contains the valuable decision making information regarding activities, resources, entities and variables. It provides information that is vital to the modeler to assure complete understanding of the operation of the system under study. This detailed information allows an in depth view of every activity, storage and resource.

1. Click on the General Report from the tree and then the General Info tab, to see the general information on the simulated model.

General tab in output report of ProcessModel

Date: The date model was simulated.

Output from: Output file path.

Replication: Number of replications performed.

Scenario: Scenario name, if any.

Simulation Time: Total simulation time.

Time: Time the report was generated.

Important information to be aware of If you have only scenarios in your model you will need to click the name of the scenario to see the general report.