User's guide chapter 3 section 5 & 6

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3.5 – Entity Arrivals

Arrival connections define how entities enter the system to begin processing. Entity arrivals are defined by connecting an entity object to an activity or storage object and then entering any defining information in the properties dialog for the connection. Multiple arrival connections can be created from an entity to one or more activities or storages.

Entity Arrivals

Common Tabs

There are two common tabs on the properties dialog for arrivals: Action and Name. These tabs are explained in this section first followed by a description of each type of arrival.


Assign custom behavior to a model when entities arrive in the model. In addition to the arrival information set in the General tab of the arrival properties dialog, assignment statements and IF…THEN statements can reference user-defined entity attributes as well as predefined attributes and variables.

Properties dialog entity arrivals action tab ProcessModel software

Action logic is processed at the instant the entity is created but before entering any activity. To learn more about Action Logic, see Section 3.11, Action Logic.


The Name tab (shown below) allows you to define route names when you are linking hierarchical models. All arrival connections have a Name tab in their properties dialog. For more information, see Chapter 7, Hierarchical Modeling.