User's guide chapter 10 section 13 & 14

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10.13 – Model Objects

10.13.1 – Service Level Agreement

ProcessModel provides easy to use Model Objects that can be added to any model on the go. There are two types of SLA model objects provided to the users, both of them can be opened first to review the instructions contained within them or can be easily inserted into a model by clicking the Insert button.

1. Reporting \ Calculate SLA in Hours.

2. Reporting \ Calculate SLA in Minutes.

calculating sla in processmodel

10.13.2 – Set Up an Interface

ProcessModel provides a model object that can be used to create an interface that interacts with the model being created. The interface itself is easily created in MS Excel, thanks to the easy to use instructions provided within the Excel file. Users can create variations that can be shown or limit what  is shown based on a previous selection. Once the interface is setup, the changes can be transferred to the model with just a press of a button. The model object can be found under the Arrivals category with the name Create an Interface.

This is the model object that will allow you to create an interface.

create an interface modelobject

A typical example of how an interface would look.

Model Object Interface Example

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