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Tutorial Videos

Here is a list of tutorial videos that can help you become a ProcessModel expert. These videos cover everything from the basics of process simulation software to advanced techniques of optimization. If you have any questions regarding how to use a specific feature of ProcessModel, and would like to make us a video on it, contact us.

Basics 3 – Overview of Modeling with ProcessModel

Basics 4 – Learn How to Use the Interface

Basics 5 – The Logic of the Flow

Basics 6 – Times, Capacities and Queues

Basics 7 – Why Variability is Critical

Basics 8 – How Things Enter The Model — Arrivals

Basics 9 – Representing People and Equipment — Resources 

Basics 10 – Options During Animation 

Basics 11 – 

Optimizing Models Using SimRunner

Standard Assembly

Conditional Assembly

Using Model Objects



Using Submodels


Using Layers

ProcessModel FDI — Fast Data Import

What is ProcessManager?

How to Setup ProcessManager

Importing Healthcare Arrivals into ProcessModel

Emergency Department Simulation

ProcessModel Six Sigma 2-Minute Explainer