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Self Teaching Guide

Getting Started

The self teaching guide is designed to walk you through a series of interesting lessons and exercises to help you become proficient with ProcessModel.

Install the Software

If you do not already have ProcessModel installed, download a trial or purchase your copy.

Model Packages

A model is made up of multiple files including additional temporary files which are created during simulation. Creating a model “package” is the method ProcessModel uses to bundle the essential files together in a compressed (.spg) format. This facilitates moving models to a new location (either on your computer or on another computer), or creating multiple versions of a model as you build your application. To open or install a model package, open ProcessModel and click the Open option from the File menu. Then browse for the package file. Don’t use WinZip (or other zipping program) to create or install package files.

Model Files

When opening a model file you will be opening a .SPG file. To open a model you must start the ProcessModel application and click the Open option from the File menu, then browse for your model file. Do not simply double click on a model file from My Computer or Windows Explorer. Doing so may not open the application properly.

Lesson Questions

To aid in your learning process, each lesson will have questions to check your comprehension of the concepts being covered. Your answers can be verified by checking the Appendix at the end of this guide.

Self Teaching Guide Conventions

The following icons will be used throughout this manual to indicate sections to take note of.

Action to take
Important information to be aware of
Tip or something to think about
Questions to answer in order to confirm comprehension of information covered
Watch tutorial video
Bold Menu items to click, text to be typed, or other actions to take

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