Run-Time Error, UNLOAD 9999

Run-Time Error,

After attaching two entities to the main entity, and detaching them later in the model, using two detach routes, the following error is displayed.


Only one detach routing can exist at any given location.


You can use one of two methods to detach multiple entities from a main entity.

  1. Detach all entities at the same time – use a single detach route with no condition. Then at the activity immediately following the detach route, use conditional routes to separate each entity.
  2. Detach each entity at separate activities – use a single detach route with a condition (e.g. Name = Entity1) to detach the first entity. Then in the next activity (containing the main entity and the remaining attached entities), use another detach route. A condition is not required at the second detach if there is only one remaining entity attached.

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