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Missing ‘)’ in Expression

When I place an action logic line that contains the word TIME (e.g. VATIME) before my actual TIME statement, I get an error saying “Missing ‘)’ in expression”.

This error is caused by a very specific set of conditions.

  1. You must have an action logic line that contains the word TIME (e.g. v_CheckTime)
  2. That same line of code must also include parentheses following the word “time”
  3. That line must appear before an actual TIME statement

For example:

v_Check_Time = Clock() – CycleStart
Time(1 Min)

The TIME statement is being parsed for proper syntax. But because of a bug where only the first occurrence of the word TIME is being checked, the actual time statement is misinterpreted, producing the syntax error.

If possible, move the action logic containing the word TIME (prior to the actual TIME statement) to the route or activity prior to the problem location. Or, if you can, change the name of the variable or attribute containing the word TIME.

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