Question:Index out of Range

A model runs fine for a short to medium length of time. However, if I run the same model for a very long time I get an Index out of range error on an  Entity_CycleTime_Data variable.


There can be two causes for this.

  1. The array used to collect Standard Deviation statistics for entity cycle time has reached maximum capacity. The default value is 10,000 and the maximum is 34,464.
    1. There are two ways to resolve this problem. Both are located under Simulation / Options… / Output Summary
      1. Uncheck the Show Standard Deviation check box OR
      2. Select a larger number from the Number of Cycle Time drop down list.
  2. An entity name is being changed (e.g. using the NewName statement) to a name that hasn’t been defined.
    1. Add an entity graphic to your model with the name used in the NewName statement.

If you need further help, please contact support.