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Graphic Misalignment During Simulation

When I simulate my model I notice graphic misalignment, the moving entities don’t line up with the routing lines.

This could occur for two different reasons.

  1. The model was originally saved using video setting which were different than the current settings. This may occur if the model was saved on a different computer, or if your computer was recently upgraded.
  2. If you have imported custom graphics using a graphic file format other than .wmf or .emf, the graphics could shift or be discolored during simulation.

To rectify for above reason:

  1. Save the model by clicking File / Save. This will save the graphical data using the current video settings. It’s also generally a good idea to keep your video drivers up to date.
  2. Replace the imported graphics with graphic files that have been created in .wmf or .emf format.

If you need further help, please contact support.

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