When the Gallery disappears in ProcessModel process improvement software it can be restored from the tools menu.

Using the temporary minimize arrow allows the gallery to be restored quickly.

When the gallery disappears it is usually the result of one of two actions.

  1. Closing the gallery (rather than minimizing).
  2. Dragging the title bar of the gallery outside the borders of the ProcessModel window (accidentally or intentionally).


  1. If the gallery has been closed, go to the View menu and select gallery
  2. If the title bar of the gallery has be dragged off the bottom of the layout (you really have to work hard to accomplish this) then it has been moved behind the taskbar. Minimize the taskbar, move the gallery and dock it to the side.
  3. If you are unable to see the gallery title bar, then restart ProcessModel and the gallery will return to the standard position on the right of the layout window.

If you want to temporarily remove the gallery from view use the side arrow.

If you need further help, please contact support.