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Advance Options for Action Logic Window

Keyboard shortcuts for the action logic window.

Command Key
Magnify text size. Ctrl+Keypad+
Reduce text size. Ctrl+Keypad-
Restore text size to normal. Ctrl+Keypad/
Open Keywords and Filters. Ctrl+K
Show autocomplete. Ctrl+Enter
Show Calltip. Ctrl+Shift+Space
Print. Ctrl+P
Undo. Ctrl+Z, Alt+Back
Redo. Ctrl+Y, Alt+Shift+Back
Cut. Ctrl+X, Shift+Del
Copy. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Ins
Paste. Ctrl+V, Shift+Ins
Select All. Ctrl+A
Find. Ctrl+F
Find Next. F3
Find Previous. Shift+F3
Replace. Ctrl+H
Incremental Search. Ctrl+Alt+I
Selection Add Next. Ctrl+Shift+D
Go to Line. Ctrl+G
Match Brace. Ctrl+E
Select to Brace. Ctrl+Shift+E
Make Selection Uppercase. Ctrl+Shift+U
Make Selection Lowercase. Ctrl+U
Full Screen. F11
Indent block. Tab
Dedent block. Shift+Tab
Delete to start of word. Ctrl+BackSpace
Delete to end of word. Ctrl+Delete
Delete to start of line. Ctrl+Shift+BackSpace
Delete to end of line. Ctrl+Shift+Delete
Go to start of document. Ctrl+Home
Extend selection to start of document. Ctrl+Shift+Home
Go to start of display line. Alt+Home
Go to end of document. Ctrl+End
Extend selection to end of document. Ctrl+Shift+End
Go to end of display line. Alt+End
Expand or contract a fold point. Ctrl+Keypad*
Find selection. Ctrl+F3
Find selection backwards. Ctrl+Shift+F3
Scroll up. Ctrl+Up
Scroll down. Ctrl+Down
Line cut. Ctrl+L
Line copy. Ctrl+Shift+T
Line delete. Ctrl+Shift+L
Line transpose with previous. Ctrl+T
Selection duplicate. Ctrl+D
Previous paragraph. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+[
Next paragraph. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+]
Previous word. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+Left
Next word. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+Right
Previous word part. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+/
Next word part. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+\
Rectangular block selection. Alt+Shift+Movement
Extend rectangular selection to start of line. Alt+Shift+Home
Extend rectangular selection to end of line. Alt+Shift+End
Help. F1

If you need further help, please contact support.

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