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ProcessModel Version 5.6.5 Released

The new ProcessModel version 5.6.5 update delivers improved task automations, enhanced model objects, and bug fixes. The new version concentrates on automation and 'one-click' model updates. ProcessModel can open a model, import data, simulate, and download the results to Excel. These new features allow enhanced modeling capabilities, and allow decision makers to have a 'one-click' [...]

Reduce Modeling Time by 80%

Build and Test Models within Hours A United States windows manufacturer was able to build a “mixed model” manufacturing simulation in less than 4 hours. The model has many products processing on the same line, each with unique timing, resources, and assembly requirements.  In this article, you will see how to simplify your modeling, be 100% confident [...]

New Time Study Software — ProcessModel Time

ProcessModel Time Well, it's about time! No, really -- it's about time. ProcessModel just released a time study software for processes with many steps, occurring at multiple stations. It's easy-to-set-up, simple-to-use and designed specifically for ProcessModel. ProcessModel Time is ideal for capturing data for many stations at the same time. If you have a Windows laptop* [...]

Attributes Define Process Flow – Master Class

This is the Routing Master Class. It is designed to help you learn techniques to bring your skill set to a whole new level. In this article you will use a technique so that Attributes Define Process Flow. First, you will learn how to define the model to route to the proper location. Then you will learn how to [...]

ProcessModel 5.6.1 Released

ProcessModel 5.6.1 Released: including new palettes, double the size of action logic exports and improved temples for reading data directly into your model. These changes are on the heels of a previous significant update in Version 5.6. Update: This is no longer the latest version of ProcessModel, see the changelog for information on the [...]

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