Process Simulation Sets off a Revolution in M430 Production

American Ordnance LLC (AO) is like the superhero of military ammunition production! This dynamic company ensures that the United States military has access to the best ordinance on the battlefield. AO is all about production process improvement, which means they’re always looking for ways to make the production of military [...]

Cut Sales Time by 87% with Process Simulation

The sales team was ready to throw in the towel, and management was ready to choke the sales department because their average sales cycle was longer than a pregnancy! But instead of giving up, they decided to start a Six Sigma project and give birth to a shorter sales cycle. [...]

Increasing Vehicle Production using Simulation

Process simulation is a powerful tool that can help manufacturers increase vehicle production by identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the production process. By creating a virtual model of the production process, manufacturers can experiment with different scenarios and see how changes to the process can impact the overall efficiency and output of the production line. [...]