New output, faster editing, improved dialogs and new palettes. See the new features and get your update.

New Output Reporting

Experience the new output report. Alphabetize by activity names or sort by greatest waiting time. Reports sort by any field. You get a quick comparison of the things that matter to you.



Highlight and copy any portion of a report. Headers automatically become part of the paste.


Filter any report to remove unwanted information without having to re-run the model.


Export the entire report to Excel. Only filtered information exports, so you get precise reports.


The previous detailed report is still accessible until the graphing functions become available.

Export Large Variable Files to Excel

Export more than 1 million lines of multiple variables to Excel. The old export function was limited to 32,000 lines. This enhanced capacity allows deep analysis such as resource bottleneck analysis and advanced stat collection.


With improved capacity, export the status of many different items to a single variable by using the second variable to record the item number. Imagine recording the percentage of time when any of fifty items were in short supply, and when any of fifty resources become the bottleneck. You could collect advanced stats for these fifty items using only two rather than fifty variables. After a quick transfer to Excel use a pivot table to uncover the details.