Version 6.0 provides great new features to improve your transformational process improvement. Make your case easier with ProcessModel’s incredible new reporting, non-expiring trials, and better documentation features. See the new capabilities:

Wow, look at those reports!

Custom reports allow you to show the important things and find the best solutions in record time. Convince others with eye-popping graphs and statistics.

  • Place any statistic in any position with custom graphs, tables, titles, text, and graphics. Auto-adjustment moves elements when the reports expand or contract.

Custom Report Preview

  • Use one-click “themes” to make your reports look outstanding – select any of the five beautiful report designs. Reports inspired by the best global designers (Apple, Google, Microsoft) to catch the eye, convey detailed information, and provide a stunning visual presentation.

Smart Stats Themes

  • Create and save separate custom reports for different audiences. Provide information designed to meet unique needs.

custom reports

  • Copy any element from the custom report to your presentation software. The graphs are predesigned (size and shape) to paste into your favorite presentation without modification. Table statistics automatically copy report headers.

chart in power point

  • Smart stats – automatically switches between a single replication, multiple replications, and multiple scenarios. For example, the following report was created once and compared using different run settings. The information automatically senses the report’s purpose and adjusts as needed. Auto-sensing the report’s goal makes it easy to compare the results even if you switch from single to multiple replications. When discovering opportunities, it’s easy to spot the best options. When presenting to others, there is no need to switch between report types (even if asked to make changes on the fly).

multiple reports

  • You can compare multiple models on the same report. Why would you need to compare different models? Can’t you just make changes with scenario parameters? Unfortunately, you can’t make all model changes with scenarios. For example, you will need to save the model under a new name if you are changing any of the following:
    • Adding, modifying, or deleting shifts.
    • Changing resource assignments.
    • Changing the process.

Smart Stats combining multiple models in the same output report

If a stat is missing from a scenario or multiple model comparisons, the model report will show the available information and identify what is missing. For example, the following image shows how missing stats display.