The new ProcessModel version 5.6.5 update delivers improved task automations, enhanced model objects, and bug fixes. The new version concentrates on automation and ‘one-click’ model updates. ProcessModel can open a model, import data, simulate, and download the results to Excel. These new features allow enhanced modeling capabilities, and allow decision makers to have a ‘one-click’ experience to receive process improvement recommendations.

New Capabilities

Importing model data from external sources includes error checking and safety features, ensuring the integrity and reliability of models. Instant reports provide details of the import or reasons for failure.

You can add variables, attributes, and scenario parameters during an import. This means action logic can be written to match the names of activities and then imported. Action logic using names to match your activity nomenclature is so much easier to understand. This is especially important if the logic was written by someone else (which is what happens when you use a model object).

The variable data can export up to 1,000,000 data points (the limit of excel rows) and can now be selectively exported.

Two hundred model objects received improvements in this build. Here are some of the capabilities model objects enhance:

  • Entire model resource assignment from a single page. You can assign resources from multiple shifts, with different skill levels, each having unique work priorities.

new mos for v565

new mo resources v565

new creation of shifts in v565

new res shift sch in v565

misc model fixes in v565


fixes in v565

Importing data – eliminated problems with background saves during data imports. As soon as a ProcessModel file was exported, some networks automatically try to save this file. While the file was saving, ProcessModel would attempt to update the file in use.

ProcessModel now communicates with all files before export or import to ensure the file availability. This fix also eliminated lockups of ProcessModel and Excel during importing.

enhanced error msg in v565

Search and replace (SR) — in previous versions SR would change the graphic, but not change the name in the dialog connected to the graphic. Because the dialog would not change, every graphic needed to be touched multiple times to complete the update of names. Now SR updates both the graphic and the dialog. SR allows quick and seamless integration of multi-graphic model objects.

new search and replace in v565

Hotspot evaluator filter (HEF) – The filter settings would not save after leaving the HEF dialog. HEF is important because some elements of a model aren’t relevant and shouldn’t be considered in comparisons. Now the HEF saves settings between dialog openings, and from one simulation run to the next.

hotspot evaluator fixes in v565

Installation improvements – We reduced the size of the installation file, and eliminated false positives identified by antivirus during installation and run. All executable files now have enhanced digital signatures.

How to Get the Latest Version

For customers with active Maintenance & Support, or an active subscription, the upgrade is free. Simply click Help \ Check for Updates in ProcessModel to upgrade to the latest version. If you have any problem, please contact customer support.

For customers that do not have an active Maintenance & Support, contact customer support to review your upgrade options.