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You Are the BottleNeck

One customer asked, “Could a resource to be underutilized and still be a bottleneck?” The person standing next to him incorrectly responded: “I don’t think that’s possible.” Yes, it is possible for an underutilized resource to be the delay. And it's also possible to find out when its happening and if there is a repeating [...]

New Manufacturing Assembly Model Objects

Two new manufacturing assembly model objects are released. These model objects are combined to handle intermittent assembly systems. Intermittent Assembly Systems can produce many different products on the same line. Each product may require different quantities or types of subassemblies. Assembly times change. Even resource assignments may change. Simplify Creation of Intermittent Assembly Models Intermittent [...]

How to Model Overall Patient Flow

See how a major hospital group reads in patient records to model overall patient flow. A template supplied by ProcessModel allows Patient record information to be converted into a simulation model. A model of the overall patient flow allows vision of when department will be overcrowded and by how much. With the problems identified, new strategies and tactics can be [...]

Workcell Simulations Created in Minutes

Why not use a spreadsheet to size and optimize a workcell? Well, because “It doesn’t work!” Product mix changes, variability and resource reassignment make calculations difficult and unreliable at best. On the other hand, workcell simulation allows accurate prediction of a workcells capability and optimization a reality. […]

Number One Blunder Process Improvement

The truth is, the main reasons a business can’t design and implement responsible and effective improvement programs aren’t that mysterious. In fact, a review of current literature shows that, in the aggregate, there are probably three characteristics to improvement programs that have fallen short of the mark. […]