The ProcessModel resource scheduler defines shifts for all staff and assets on a single page. It’s simple to use, provides visibility of all shifts and tracks the total hours assigned.

Simplifies the shift setup for many resources

The process of setting up shifts

The process of setting up shifts

Shift setup and assignment couldn’t be simpler than with the ProcessModel resource scheduler. You add resources to your model. The resource scheduler finds the resources and creates a single page list with all the assets from the model. You fill in the blanks, and the ProcessModel resource scheduler creates and assigns the shifts. The old way required you to develop a disparate series shifts, not being able to see the others. And, every resource needed to be accessed separately to assign the shifts. The New model object simplifies the process of creating and assigning shifts.

Puts Scheduling on One Page

Scheduling from a single page makes it possible to visualize complex resource assignments. You can see every resource in the model, the days they work and even the number of hours each is assigned.

Shows the Work Hours

State labor rules require companies to be vigilant in planning work for various groups of workers. The ProcessModel resource scheduler helps you to spot trouble areas while planning to meet customer requirements. Will full-time or part-time employees meet the requirements of the customer? You see the total hours for each staff member as you create the shift.


The ProcessModel Resource Scheduler is simple to use, provides needed visibility of all shifts and show the work hours for every critical asset. For current users, this model object is downloadable free of charge via model objects dialog, or can it be requested directly from support by clicking on the link below.