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Lean Thinking Creates Flow at Dry Cleaners

By using lean thinking as a tool, most companies can systemically and holistically optimize all of their processes. They must make the main flow of operations—from start to finish— visible and comprehensible to all employees. System visibility enables us to see the waste in processes we work on every day. […]

Visual Indicators Transmit Key Information

Visual indicators are used to to display status information during a process simulation. Yeah, yeah, but why? Well, the type of decisions we are making with simulation are not of the “which type of toilet paper should we use” variety. If the decision requires simulation it is generally complex with many relationships that have been difficult to understand [...]

Workcell Simulations Created in Minutes

Why not use a spreadsheet to size and optimize a workcell? Well, because “It doesn’t work!” Product mix changes, variability and resource reassignment make calculations difficult and unreliable at best. On the other hand, workcell simulation allows accurate prediction of a workcells capability and optimization a reality. […]

ProcessModel Version 5.5 Released

We’re Having a Process Improvement Party and You’re Invited Update: This is no longer the latest version of ProcessModel, see the changelog for information on the latest software. We are excited because Process Simulation, Process Analysis and Process Improvement just became easier with the release of ProcessModel version 5.5. Changes to the product streamline [...]

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