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It’s a Pandemic – Were All Going to Die!

Application Story There have been devastating pandemics in history. In 1350, The Black Death killed over 75 million people. The 1918 Flue pandemic killed 50 million. More recently Influenza claimed more than a million lives. In this article, you will see how ProcessModel optimization increases survivability by 25% during a severe pandemic. See how your chances [...]

Saving Children’s Lives During a Severe Pandemic

During a severe pandemic, Saving Children’s Lives requires making difficult decisions. Rather than accepting patients on a first in, first serve basis, the patients should be triaged and allowed access to critical beds and resources based on defined criteria. But, what are the criteria? There are proposed strategies but no one has been able to show [...]

How to Model Overall Patient Flow

See how a major hospital group reads in patient records to model overall patient flow. A template supplied by ProcessModel allows Patient record information to be converted into a simulation model. A model of the overall patient flow allows vision of when department will be overcrowded and by how much. With the problems identified, new strategies and tactics can be [...]

Process Improvement Using Less Resources

What would you think if your process improvement experts said: “we can remove 58% of a type of equipment that is often in shortage, provide better patient care, improve response time and never have a shortage again”? Yeah right! Well, that’s what happened. At The Hospital, PCA pumps were in shortage which created enormous frustration with [...]

Hospital Improves ICU Care

“ProcessModel was an invaluable tool to sidestep all of the anecdotal suggestions and use quantitative methods to discover the problem and suggest solutions. We came to a definite number of elective surgeries that would still allow us to meet other requirements on ICU.” […]

The Best Medicine for a Major Pharma­ceutical-drug Launch

Imagine, you have just been given the task of producing the greatest pharma­ceutical-drug launch of all time, and you have a short period of time to pull it off successfully. This is not new for the company in Puerto Rico where over 20 brands of capsules and tablets are produced. […]