ProcessModel Version 5.6.2 has new features to simplify the model building process. I hope you enjoy this version as much as we have during testing.

Scott P.  Baird, President

Autocomplete Action Logic

ProcessModel Version 5.6.2 has a new action tab makes it easier and faster to write logic. More than 100 new capabilities in the action tab alone…It almost writes itself! As we went through the testing process an unexpected benefit for me was how easy it is to read the logic. I think you are going to like this.

  • Autocomplete with tooltips, makes everyone an expert.ProcessModel Version 5.6.2 Tool tips make process improvement easier
  • Color coding helps you to easily structure logic in the action tab.ProcessModel Version 5.6.2 process improvement software reduces editing time with find and replace for action logic
  • Find and replace makes changing complex logic a breeze.
  • Print huge logic sections from the action logic window.
  • More than 50 editing quick keys. Here are a few that are indispensable:
    • CTRL + Keypad+                 Magnify text size
    • CTRL + Shift + Delete        Delete to end of line
    • CTRL + [                                Previous paragraph
    • CTRL + ]                                Next paragraph
    • CTRL + E                               Move to matching brace
    • CTRL + Shift + E                  Select to brace
  • Show the matching ( or {. When you click on a brace or parenthesis, the match is automatically highlighted. Oh, that saves time!
  • Tabs in Action Logic…well it’s about time.ProcessModel version 5.5.2 logic folding speeds process improvement
  • Automatic Line numbers make it easier to document and converse with others about detailed logic.
  • Logic Folding  — Manage large amounts of text while viewing only those subsections of the text that are specifically relevant at any given time. This works in a similar fashion as the “outline” function in a text editor. The Plus sign (+) expands the section of text and the Negative sign (-) folds or shrink the sections not needed.
  • Zoom in and zoom out for those who might need to “show the logic to someone else” in an enlarged view.

ProcessModel Version 5.6.2 Integrated OutputIntegrated Output Report

ProcessModel Version 5.6.2 has combined the Output Detail and the Output Summary into one integrated report. The report is faster to access for large models. Each area is treated as a separate tab so you can move to that area quickly. All areas can be sorted by any heading. Any section of the data can be copied from the output report (No export needed). When inserted into a new document, the header is included. All tabbed areas have filters so that you can show only the items that are needed. Sweet!

Excel Data Export Increased to 32,000 Characters per Cell

If you are exporting data Out and importing data into ProcessModel from newer versions of Excel, each action statement can now handle over 32,000 characters. This means complex action logic can easily be imported without truncation.

Includes new Training Videos to Start Fast

ProcessModel Version 5.6.2 has short, informative training videos get you started fast. New people will get the basics “on demand” being prepared for customer-centered live training.

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