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Build and Test Models Faster

Build and Test Models in a Fraction of the Time In an Oregon Hospital, a modeler has learned a technique to build accurate models in 2 days. Not models of one interaction, but models of an entire department, such as Surgery, Maternity or the overall flow of a hospital. In this article, you will learn [...]

New Manufacturing Assembly Model Objects

Two new manufacturing assembly model objects are released. These model objects are combined to handle intermittent assembly systems. Intermittent Assembly Systems can produce many different products on the same line. Each product may require different quantities or types of subassemblies. Assembly times change. Even resource assignments may change. Simplify Creation of Intermittent Assembly Models Intermittent [...]

Attributes Define Process Flow – Master Class

This is the Routing Master Class. It is designed to help you learn techniques to bring your skill set to a whole new level. In this article you will use a technique so that Attributes Define Process Flow. First, you will learn how to define the model to route to the proper location. Then you will learn how to [...]

Tasks Waiting for Input — Argh!

Out of all the business process improvement problems we deal with, tasks waiting for input are the most frustrating. The ones I’m talking about are when you have 50 insurance policies that you are trying to underwrite and each one is waiting on some information from a variety of resources. Before completion, [...]

Getting the Same Resource Later

ProcessModel allows a simple technique to insure your get the same resource later. First, the identity of resource captured must be discovered. Then, the entity must be marked with the identity of the resource. And finally, the resource is recaptured using the identifying marker. […]

An Activity that has a Dynamic Capacity

You would have thought that creating a dynamic capacity activity in ProcessModel simulation software would be as simple as declaring an attribute or a variable and using it as the capacity of the activity, it isn’t. There are a few reasons why this is, from what I think; the obvious reason could be that in [...]