Prompt: UpdateAfterGet()

When I simulate my model I get the following error: Compiler Error,UpdateAfterGet() Reason: You have tried to Get an entity rather than a resource. Solution: Change the object you are getting from type Entity to type Resource, or if you have incorrectly entered the Get object, add the correct object. If you need further [...]

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Prompt: Macro name is a reserved name

When the model is simulated the following error is received. Translation Status: Normal Run, Compiler Initialization Compiler Initialization Macro name 'ACCUM' is a reserved name. Reason: You used a reserved name when creating a "Descriptive" attribute or variable value (look in the descriptor list), or a scenario parameter name. Solution: Change the attribute/variable descriptor [...]

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Prompt: Compiler Error, Missing subroutine

When the model is simulated the following error is received. Compiler Error,Missing subroutine parameter.Subroutine 'Time_' has 2 parameters. Reason: Your action logic is missing a space between the parameters in a statement. For example, if you are using a TIME statement (as shown in the graphic above) you have typed Time(15Sec) rather than Time(15 Sec). [...]

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Prompt: Can’t find file

Not using any shift files in the model but when the model is simulated the following errors are received. Can't find file Translation Status: Normal Run,Shift Assignments Translation Status: Normal Run,Shift AssignmentsRecord #1Assidned Shift FilesNo shift file was specified. The simulation will be terminated. Reason: A space is in one [...]

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Confidence Interval

What is a confidence interval? A range of values so defined that there is a specified probability that the value of a parameter lies within it. The purpose of taking a random sample from population and computing a statistic, such as the mean, is to approximate the mean of the population. How well the sample [...]

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Cause and Effect Diagram

The Cause and Effect diagram identifies many possible causes for an effect or problem. It can be used to structure a brainstorming session. It immediately sorts ideas into useful categories. How to Develop a Cause and Effect Diagram 1. Agree on a problem statement (effect). Place an activity at the center right of the ProcessModel layout. Write the [...]

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Central Limit Theorem

In probability theory, the central limit theorem (CLT) states conditions under which the mean of a sufficiently large number of independent random variables, each with finite mean and variance, will be approximately normally distributed (Rice 1995). The central limit theorem also requires the random variables to be identically distributed, unless certain conditions are met. Since real-world quantities are often the balanced [...]

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