ProcessModel 5.6.1 Released: including new palettes, double the size of action logic exports and improved temples for reading data directly into your model. These changes are on the heels of a previous significant update in Version 5.6.

Update: This is no longer the latest version of ProcessModel, see the changelog for information on the latest software.

Instant Graphics

ProcessModel 5.6.1 released with new graphics.

ProcessModel 5.6.1 released with new graphics.

Graphics are vital to communicating complex ideas. We have included new graphics that are excellent icons for many industries.

In addition, we are announcing the launch of Instant Graphics. Instant Graphics are custom graphics created for you. If you need graphics to communicate complex ideas, we will produce a ProcessModel ready graphic in an instant. The graphics will be properly sized, labeled and ready to use. This service is included with your maintenance and support.

Export of Cells Doubled in Size

The cell export limit has increased from 2200 to 4000 characters per cell. This means greater flexibility in exporting and importing action logic. Action logic is put into a single Excel cell during the export and now the cell holding capacity is dramatically expanded.

ProcessModel 5.6.1 Released with Improved Templates for Importing Overall Entity Flow and Timing

ProcessModel 5.6.1 released with new model templates

One of the model templates for hospital flow.

Importing historical data into a model is a “lightning fast” technique to build a model. Rather than building a model that predicts the future, you start by building a model that mimics the past… exactly. Less validation is needed. It either performs just like the system did or it doesn’t. No creating and verifying distributions (and the interactions of many distributions), because you are using the actual data.

After quickly comparing the model to what happened in the real system, you can make changes to the model. Changes to the model can be implemented and performance observed with those changes.

The new Excel and model templates allow you to link your data to the model in just about a minute. And the model templates provide a foundation to build the model that will handle an infinite combination of routings. This is a great addition.

I have used this technique on the following:

  • Overall flow through a hospital, to evaluate potential surgical additions.
  • Flow through a job shop, to evaluate capacity.
  • Assembly systems with multiple products on the same line, to evaluate new product introduction.
  • Surgical suites, to evaluate capacity.

I am sure you will be able to think of a lot of additional uses. We did all of the hard work on the Excel and Model templates to make your job easy.

Maintenance Changes to Perform with Windows Security Alterations

ProcessModel 5.6.1 released with security changes to help with installation and daily use of the the software. Once the software is installed you can license without without bothering IT. We performed a beta test of the security adjustments with more than 400 people from different companies and it has worked flawlessly.

We hope you enjoy the new software. If you have any questions about the changes in version 5.6 or 5.61 please give me a call. With your maintenance and support, this new release is ready to download.