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Sample models and presentations are real solutions to real problems. Download and simulate the files to see how experts approach difficult modeling situations to solve real problems. Click on the download link for a model to download the file. Click on the picture to see a more detailed representation of the model. Contact the developer of the model by clicking on the contact information.

Kanban Healthcare Clinic

Sata Sample Model

A revolutionary technique in healthcare using kanban principles adds exceptional speed to service. This model shows the techniques used to achieve a cycle time of less that 1 hour even with three or more services required. Many of the principles used are explained in detail by activating the various layers. Each layer explains modeling concept.

Download the Model (64 kb)

Ear Nose and Throat Clinic

Medical: Ear Nose and Throat Clinic

This model was developed to determine the optimal number of exam rooms needed given the expected patient stream.

Download the Model (348 kb)

Dry Cleaning Plant

Dry Clean Sample Model

A model of a current ‘central dry cleaning plant’ located in Central Texas. They originally had five retail drop stores including one store attached to the plant plus two routes as shown in the light blue colored Collection Phase.

The ‘central plant’ was processing approximately 6700 garments in a five-day week. They wanted to know where the bottlenecks would occur if they added two more retail outlets and one more route with the expectation of the volume rising to over 10,000 garments per week.

The owner wanted to increase his garment processing count without incorporating any overtime. For this reason, the concept of ‘LEAN Thinking’ was applied to this model.

Download the Model (542 kb)

This model was developed by:
Dick Barry (CRB & Associates)

Phone Repair Process

Phone Repair Process

This model provides an illustration of the different dynamics of Just In Time vs. Batch Processing in the context of a service system.

The model captures the processes for telephone repair in a large metropolitan area. Calls requesting service arrive at the Automated Call Center according to time of day, day of week, and service type: Out of Service and Affecting Service. The repairs are screened in three phases to determine whether a repair service technician must respond. If so, a Repair Ticket is generated and sent to the Repair Center.

Download the Model (138 kb)

This model was developed by:
Doug Popken (Systems View)

LandTamer Vehicle Assembly

Manufacturing: TandTamer Vehicle Assembly

This model was developed to simulate the entire production process of the Land Tamer II 6 wheel and 8 wheel Amphibious Remote Access Vehicle.

Download the Model (138 kb)

Aircraft Refueling Under Contingency Scenarios

Military: Aircraft Refueling Under Contingency Scenarios

The purpose of this model is to see the effect of different policies and procedures on the turnaround time of bombers and support aircraft during a contingent operation.

Download the Model (559 kb)

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