Model Objects (MO) are like Lego’s for process improvement projects. MO are pre-built segments of models that snap together and solve difficult simulation modeling problems. MO reduce process improvement time and increase project quality.

What will Model Objects do for me?

MO will reduce your modeling time and solve problems you couldn’t solve before. For example:

What if I wanted to build a high-volume production system (weekly volume > one million). There are seven key MO’s for high-volume production. They take seconds to use and save hours of work. Three MO’s employ techniques previously unknown to the user base.

What if I needed to turn raw data into arrival patterns. Most people don’t know how to convert raw data to arrival patterns, and even if they did, the process takes hours. With this MO, the whole process takes about a minute.

Daily Pattern Arrivals Model Object

What if I needed to build a complete emergency room model. Seven MO handle difficult areas such as triage, discharge, “room turns” and collection of unique medical statistics.

Model Objects by Industry

What if I needed to know what parts you should add to a work cell. Twenty MO’s allow the quick assembly of a work cell model as if you were putting together an Ikea table. MO’s for scheduling of arrivals, machining, assembly, cleaning, inspection, resource assignment, downtime, and collection of stats.

Job Shop Model Object

What if I wanted to model the overall flow through a hospital. A MO provides the pattern. With just a few explained changes, you have a completed model.

Healthcare Model Object

Caption – Example model object pattern for overall flow through a hospital.

What if I needed a custom interface for my model. Yup, you got it. There is a MO for that too!


It doesn’t get any simpler. Just insert the MO and connect to an existing model. Each has instructions and explanations.

Model Objects are Smart

MO’s paste where you put the cursor. MO’s automatically integrate with your model, adding needed attributes, variables, scenario parameters and even rewriting logic to work with your existing logic. MO’s snap together like Lego’s. Each piece integrates with the previous. That’s why we can build a five-station work cell, that can process ten different part numbers, in less than 20 minutes. Solve the most difficult problems encountered in modeling with model objects.

How do I Find These Bad Boys?

From the main menu select Model Objects. Make certain you have the most recent MO’s by selecting Check for Updates. Check for updates often, as MO’s are constantly updated and improved. Make the most of your time. Use snap together pieces to develop your models faster and with higher quality than ever before using Model Objects.

What if I Don’t See What I Need?

Select the category radio button to see model objects from every industry. Still not seeing what you need? Ping me on the form below and we can discuss what you need.

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