Advance Options for Action Logic Window

Keyboard shortcuts for the action logic window. Command Key Magnify text size. Ctrl+Keypad+ Reduce text size. Ctrl+Keypad- Restore text size to normal. Ctrl+Keypad/ Open Keywords and Filters. Ctrl+K Show autocomplete. Ctrl+Enter Show Calltip. Ctrl+Shift+Space Print. Ctrl+P Undo. Ctrl+Z, Alt+Back Redo. Ctrl+Y, Alt+Shift+Back Cut. Ctrl+X, Shift+Del Copy. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Ins Paste. Ctrl+V, Shift+Ins Select All. [...]

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Prompt: An unsupported operation

When trying to run SimRunner, the following error is encountered: An unsupported operation was attempted. An unsupported operation was attempted. iGrafx executable is not responding. Reason: There is a known incompatibility between Sequel Viewpoint and SimRunner on ProcessModel. Solution: The issue can be resolved by replacing the GSW files that are overwritten [...]

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Prompt: Arrival failures due to insufficient capacity

After the model has simulated the following prompt is displayed. Simulation Complete, Do you want to see the results? (NOTE: There were entity arrival failures due to insufficient capacity) Reason: Entity arrivals were scheduled to arrive. But because of limited capacity at the arrival location, they could not enter the model. Solution: Make sure [...]

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Missing Fields & Output Report Options

Several fields and output report options are missing in the ProcessModel: Missing Options in the Simulation Menu. When an object is placed on the layout window and we try to change the object type, the only options available are Activity, Entity and Label. Resource, Storage, and Link are gone. When trying to change arrival type, the only [...]

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Anderson-Darling Normality Test

The Anderson-Darling test is used to test if a sample of data came from a population with a specific distribution. It is a modification of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) test and gives more weight to the tails than does the K-S test. The K-S test is distribution free in the sense that the critical values do not depend on the specific [...]

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