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VAO Staffing Planner

The Right People, in the Right Place, at the Right Time Customer-facing organizations encounter enormous pressure to keep or grow margins while maintaining service levels.  Staffing is often a black box handled by one person that dislikes the assignment. Staff planning is difficult on so many levels. There is an easier way. ProcessModel’s new feature [...]

Auto Export Center Simulation Imports Cash

An Auto Export Center Simulation is being used to restructure staffing, change line scheduling and determine future investments to meet the requirements of US auto exporters. The margin for vehicle export preparation is tight and requires great control of the processes to maintain a profit. Process simulation was used to find hidden dollars and prepare for [...]

Tasks Waiting for Input — Argh!

Out of all the business process improvement problems we deal with, tasks waiting for input are the most frustrating. The ones I’m talking about are when you have 50 insurance policies that you are trying to underwrite and each one is waiting on some information from a variety of resources. Before completion, [...]

Assembly Line Process Improvement

I was tasked with with recommending the production configuration for a low volume, variable product, assembly line (500 to 700 units per month). The request seemed simple enough. I have configured many systems in the past, but all with little product variability. This assembly line was different. The product was a data storage unit used to [...]

Driving the Engine of Success

Competition in the auto financing industry drives the need for creative and effective ways to meet and exceed customer expectations. The Company’s* Capital Auto Financial Services believes in the need to wow, and is constantly researching ways to stay ahead of its customer’s needs. […]

Huge Saving in Sales Process

A company* that earns $30 billion in sales from manufacturing over 55,000 products, including: adhesives, abrasives, laminates, and passive fire protection and has a leading position in consumer and office market; display and graphics; electronics and telecommunications; health care; industrial; safety, security and protection services; transportation and other businesses. […]

Explosive Process Improvement Disagreement Defused

Who is American Ordnance and what do they produce? American Ordnance LLC (AO) is involved in process improvement of ammunition manufacture for  the United States Military. They produce a variety of ordinance including the M430, 40 mm grenade shown below. […]

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