How do I randomly assign Entity Attribute Values?

An entity attribute is assigned a different value or descriptor based on a random percentage. This applies to both predefined attributes such as Cost and user-defined attributes that are defined in the Attributes & Variables dialog under the Insert menu.

Suggested Technique

  1. Define the entity attribute.
  2. Assign a value or descriptor to the attribute in Action logic using the user-defined distribution function. For example: Color = D2(30, red, 70, blue)

Example: Eighty percent of the time an insurance claim form is for personal injury and 20% of the time for property damage.

Randomly Assigning Entity Attribute Values

TO DO: Define the descriptive attribute called Type in the Attributes & Variables dialog under the Insert menu with PER and PROP as descriptors. Enter the Action logic as shown above in the arrival’s Action logic tab.

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