How do I declare a global variable?

What is a Global Variable?

A global variable or variable is essential for process improvement. A variable is like having a “glass jar” to store numbers. It’s as if small sheets of paper, with the value written on the paper, were placed in the jar, one for every variable change. The most recent entry in the “jar” is visible anywhere in the model. You can set new numbers, increment or decrement, or perform mathematical functions on the last value entered into the “jar.” In addition, the system allows you to empty the “jar” contents at the end of the simulation for further analysis. Improve process improvement analysis using variables to collect specific information relevant to your project.

How to create a global variable?

Declare or create a variable by clicking the toolbar’s define Attributes, Variables, and Scenario Parameters button.

how to open variable window

Select the Global Variables tab.

how to set variable

Depress the New button and enter a variable name. Starting variable names with the prefix “v_” is good practice, eliminating name conflicts with other model elements.

Use Real variables for any operation involving time or decimal precision. Use Integer variables for counting functions, such as tracking WIP or triggers. Use Descriptive variables to make the model easier to read.

Collect Detailed stats when plotting or exporting the variable history after the simulation. Use the option of collecting None if the variable acts as part of a control or trigger, requiring no history or further analysis.

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