How do I Export Variable Data?

ProcessModel can export variable data to Excel. This article will help explain how the data can be exported.

How to Export Variable Data

  1. Make sure you have a model with variables, and variable status is set as ‘Detailed’ during declaration.
    setting variable status for variable export.
  2. Simulate your model, and open Smart Stats once the simulation ends.
  3. From the ribbon-bar, click the Variable button under Export.
    how to export variable data button.
  4. Select the variable(s) you wish to export, and click OK.
    choose variables to export.
  5. Choose the location to save the Excel file, and  click save.
  6. The Excel file should now automatically open for you.
    variable export data

How to Read the Variable Export?

Each variable is exported with two columns of data

  1. *Variable-Name*_Value_History_Time: Reflects the simulation time when the data was recorded.
  2. *Variable-Name*_Value_History_Value: Reflects the value of the variable at a particular simulation time.
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