How to Collect Individual Entity Times

The default report doesn’t capture interim time. It does not capture individual time, it does not capture entity time. This is something you will need to do manually.


Healthcare:                    Door to bed, doctor to discharge.

Manufacturing:            Start to middle, middle to end.

Collecting Individual Entity Times

Action Logic

Action logic goes on the red routes.

Before Activity2:               a_Start = Clock()

After Activity3:                  v_Elapsed_Time1 = Clock() – a_Start

Outputs Available

Data Export

  1. With Output Report open, click the Right Excel icon in the toolbar.
  2. Choose the path and name of the export file and then click Save.
  3. Choose the variable you want to export.
    Collecting Individual Entity Times


  1. Click Generate Time Series Plot button (or Generate Time Series Histogram or View \ Time Series \ Plot or Histogram).
  2. Add the variables required to Selected Values and click OK.

Advanced Topic

  1. What if I need to collect start time when the entity enters the input queue?
    Answer: Add a storage before Activity2 to act as the input queue, add the start logic to the storage, remove the input queue quantity from Activty2, add the end logic to Activity2.
  2. What if I need to collect start times when the entity enters the activity capacity?
    Answer: Add the start logic to Activity2, add the end logic to the exit route of Activity2.
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