Improvement is obviously a growing concern of business owners and management teams. In line with a case study provided by a founder of Rummler-Brache Group – Gary A. Rummler, to develop major changes in an organization’s results, the actual processes will have to be identified and every kind of weaknesses should be addressed. Rummler and Allan P. Brache created a model that defined the steps required to perform a Process Improvement and Management project, in 1991. In order to improve your business process you need to address critical business issues:

  1. Recognize the Needed Improvements

Identify the key business processes which needs improvement, certainly is the initial stage. You can use formal or informal approach for this purpose. The benefits of adopting these business improvement processes produce greatest influence over customer requirement or competitive advantage.

  1. Create Objectives

Decide the objectives of your project according to the requirements of the business process. The goal of your objectives should be focused to control over the business process.

  1. Define the Project Team

When you find yourself selecting members for the project team, select the people who are cross-trained. Using cross-trained members, helps in making sure the standard of the analysis and persistence for change.

  1. Document

You should have a detailed document with the levels within your organization. This can be start from process level to the employee or performance level. You can use this map as an organizational cross-functional map which can be used to improve your business process.

  1. Identify the Problem

The problems can be defined as disconnections in the process. Disconnections can be quite hazardous in getting the business effectiveness and efficiency in the business process. You can categorize the weaknesses of the business improvement process into three levels;

  1. Process
  2. Employee’s performance
  3. Organizational
  4. Develop the Answers

Now, you need to find these disconnections for all three levels. Analyze the problems and prioritize the major issues of the business process. Develop the solutions and measure them. You should also make a cross-functional process for the changes that you simply recommend.

  1. Establish the method

Get the sub-process measure that reflects the objectives of your project.

  1. Execute the project

The last step is quite simple, after applying all the implementations of business improvement process you can execute the project effectively. This simple business improvement process can be used to improve smaller as well as complex business process. The average time to execute this business improvement process can be from 3 days to 3 months.