Sometimes the message just doesn’t get to the people that are most important. I called a few of our customers personally and found that the majority of them did not know about all the products and services we have to help you in maintaining your process improvement efforts. Below are a series of questions that I asked our customers that may prove beneficial to you.

Did you know that version 5.5 of ProcessModel is available with great new features? And did you know that the upgrade is free**?

Why would we provide you with an upgrade for free? Good question. We find that our best marketing comes from word of mouth. Our happy customers have been a huge boon to our success. You’re going to love what you see in version 5.5!

Did you know that your ProcessModel support is free**?

We are not going to build your model for free, but a ProcessModel engineer will help you troubleshoot error messages, explain features and functionality, point you to other free resources and even discuss modeling approaches and concepts. We are committed to providing you with fast and helpful support. Last year we averaged a 7 minute response time and twelve minute resolution time! Try to get that level of commitment from any other software support free or paid.

Did you know that there are model segments (Model Objects) within the ProcessModel software to help you build your models faster, with less errors and greater functionality?

These are “click to insert” objects that handle everything from arrivals to complex routing. The software has these model objects organized by concept with detailed instructions about how they work and the steps needed to use them.

Did you know that ProcessModel has a model building service that actually makes you money?

Wow, that is a pretty big claim. How can ProcessModel possibly back that this claim up? Well, actually its’ pretty simple. We help you finish the project faster so that you can start realizing the savings sooner. We can also help you do more projects when you don’t have the time or resources to get them done yourself. All this adds up to help you achieve a greater return faster. We have perfected a remote modeling methodology so you have no expensive or wasted time for flights, hotels or meals. And it’s 100% guaranteed!

Did you know that ProcessModel has online courses prepare for Basics 1 and Basics 2 training?

We found that some customers didn’t feel comfortable with their knowledge going into the classes and needed some pre-work to get them fully prepared. This ensures a successful experience at the class. How do you know if you are ready for the class? You can take an online quiz to assess your skills.

Did you know that ProcessModel has released ProcessManager that manages the process of process improvement using a secure Document Management System?

ProcessManager is an online service that creates a work flow, document approvals and acts as a repository for all your process improvement documentation. Plus this comes with “water tight traceability.” After implementing ProcessManager, one of our customers reported, “Finally I have a way to hold all of the people accountable involved in the process improvement process. ProcessManager has helped us to improve the velocity of our process improvement. We don’t have to rehash the same information. Everything is recorded and I can find everything that has to do with my project. This is a great tool and service.” Don Miller. Did you know that you don’t even have to install any software and that it takes less than five minutes to setup? This is unique benefit from ProcessModel.

I hope your reaction is the same as the customers that I spoke with. We want you to be thrilled with our company, products and services. I would love to hear from you. Send me your comments, concerns or praise for our team or products. Really, I would love to hear from you.