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Prompt: Translation Status: Normal Run

 When I select Save and Simulate I receive the following prompt: Translation Status: Normal Run Then the simulator crashes with the following prompt: Main Program,A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution isavailable. The program then returns to the build menu, which [...]

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Time Series Option is Grayed out

Why is the Time Series icon (or View / Time Series menu options) not available when viewing the Output Detail Report? Time Series reports are not available if: You have not created variables. When your variables are defined using the None or Basic Stats reporting type. When using multiple replications. To use Time Series reports make [...]

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Prompt: Macro name is a reserved name

When the model is simulated the following error is received. Translation Status: Normal Run, Compiler Initialization Compiler Initialization Macro name 'ACCUM' is a reserved name. Reason: You used a reserved name when creating a "Descriptive" attribute or variable value (look in the descriptor list), or a scenario parameter name. Solution: Change the attribute/variable descriptor [...]

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Triangular Distribution

The Triangular distribution is a continuous distribution bounded on both sides. It starts at the minimum value, increases linearly to peak at the mode, and then decreases linearly to the maximum value. The Triangular distribution is often used when no or little data is available; it is rarely an accurate representation of a data set (see [...]

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Warning, Time segments may not overlap

When adding Daily Pattern arrivals, the following error occurred: (Warning, Time segments may not overlap) OR Translation Status: Normal Run Arrivals Table For Item arrives at Process_inQ Cycle Table Attribute1 ERROR: The time entries are required to be cumulative!) Answer: The arrival schedule has overlapping times. For example, a Daily Pattern arrival is set for 10:00am to [...]

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