Restaurant Implements Process Optimization

It’s Friday night at the Restaurant.  As the owner of this buzzing social phenomenon you smile at the sight of bustling waiters and the line of patrons at the door just waiting to experience the fine dining your restaurant is […]

Justifying Simulation for Process Improvement

Anyone can perform an analysis manually. However, as the complexity of the analysis rises, so does the need to employ a computer-based process improvement tool. While spreadsheets can perform many complex calculations and help determine the operational status of most systems, their use of average numbers to represent arrivals, activity times, and resource unavailability is [...]

Auto Financing Approval in Record Time

Competition in the auto financing industry drives the need for creative and effective ways to meet and exceed customer expectations. The company’s Auto Fi­nancial Services (AFS) believes in the need to wow, and is constantly researching ways to stay ahead of its customers’ needs. […]

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